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Title: Gossip
Description: Marianne is upset by a bit of gossip.
-Unedited; needs intense criticism

Click here to read the story (.pdf)

I wrote this a while ago as a sequel to Softly Lie Sleeping (without the smut!) and now that I'm adapting Sense and Sensibility into a play I thought I'd dig this out of storage and share. Please let me know what you think.
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rome // atia sacrifice

About Your Mother

Title: About Your Mother
Description: Atia and Octavia share the joy, pain and surprises of motherhood.
-Unedited; needs intense criticism and beta reading-

Click here to read the story (.pdf)

It's only been two years since I posted! I have started writing again and I need some feedback. I wrote this story as a gift for darkangsty42, but I'd like to post it publicly once it's been torn to shreds and rebuilt by you lovely people :P. If anyone is willing to do more intense beta reading, please let me know! Also, I've been having some issues with my .pdf writer so give me a heads up if it's wonky.
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Poems from March 2004

Title: March 2004
Description: Here are a few poems I wrote the spring of my senior year in high school. A childhood friend of mine had just passed away, and I was obsessed with ocean imagery for some reason. I found these in my AP Statistics notebook, strangely enough.
-Complete but unedited-

Click here to read the poems (.pdf)
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daniel deronda // fine eyes

The journal wot I wrote.

Welcome to capribbons, the writing journal of fineeyes. Here you will find all the writing I get around to doing (or at least finishing), including prose, poetry and fanfiction. If any three of those scare you, then turn back now!

Most of the entries are going to be friends only, simply because I am not always confident about what I write and want to get constructive criticism before posting the story/poem/whatever in the public forum. So if you'd like to read some of my more unfinished and personal stories, please join the journal. I am moderating membership simply so that I know who is reading my work--so if I don't know you yet, please comment here and let me know where you are coming from!

I am always looking for comments, suggestions and of course compliments, so PLEASE comment whenever you can.

And now, without much further ado, enjoy my little contributions to the art of literature.
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