Satan among the sofa cushions

Cap Ribbons
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"The tract was one of a series addressed to young women on the sinfulness of dress. In style it was devoutly familiar. Its title was, 'A Word With You On Your Cap-Ribbons'."


"The chapters best adapted to female perusal are 'Satan in the Hair Brush;' 'Satan behind the Looking Glass;' 'Satan under the Tea Table;' 'Satan out of the Window’ — and many others.

'Give your attention, dear aunt, to this precious book — and you will give me all I ask.'

With those words, I handed it to her open, at a marked passage — one continuous burst of burning eloquence! Subject: Satan among the Sofa Cushions."

-Taken from The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins


The wonderful writing journal of fineeyes. If I ever write anything. Which doesn't seem likely at the current moment. Eh, I'm a college student, what can I say? Being uncreative is my job.


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